The Azienda Agricola Cassar Scalia Corrado mainly produces extra virgin olive oil in addition to almonds, locust beans and sesame of Ispica Presidio Slow Food.

Since 2013 the company has become organic and it is personally managed and cared for by the owner, a pharmacist, whose experience is ultra-ten years in this field of oil. This experience, as well as the fruit of love and passion for the country, has been the result of being for many years an oil taster at the panel of the Chamber of Commerce of Ragusa.

The Cassar Scalia farm is located in the territory of Noto, an area dedicated to the olive grove, the territory of Dop Monti Iblei, the sub-region of Val Tellaro. The olives are of Moresca and Verdese varieties and they give an oil whose sensation is of a medium fruity flavor and a spicy and slightly bitter taste.

You can feel these pleasant sensations tasting oil Cassar Scalia on a slice of bread or slices of bresaola with parmesan shavings. You will feel the smell of artichoke leaves and almonds alike and even if far, you will seem to be under the sun of Sicily and then … Cassar Scalia Oil, Oil of Sicily.

The oil is marketed in cartons of 12 bottles of 0,750 and cartons of 4 cans from l5 and on request shipped throughout Italy.